Airdrop to stSAGA holders

Apr 9, 2024

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stSAGA airdrop

Stride LST launches are always accompanied by an airdrop - and stSAGA is no different!

Over the next 100 days, a total of 50,000 STRD will be allocated to holders of stSAGA. This STRD airdrop will be allocated to users daily, pro rata their stSAGA amount. So 500 STRD per day.

Allocated STRD for the stSAGA airdrop will be claimable on September 1st, 2024. The full 50,000 STRD will be claimable on this date. After this data, there will be a three-month deadline to claim. 

To be eligible for the airdrop, stSAGA can be held on any Cosmos chain or deposited in any Cosmos DeFi application. Unlike the ongoing stTIA and stDYM airdrops, there is no limitation on where you can hold your stSAGA.

Think of the stSAGA airdrop as boosted staking rewards. By holding stSAGA, users earn normal SAGA staking rewards + the STRD airdrop + potential other airdrops.

stSAGA in DeFi

There will be an incentivized stSAGA/SAGA pool on Osmosis DEX. In addition, other stSAGA DeFi integrations will likely appear shortly after launch.

stSAGA eligibility for Saga project airdrops

The Saga team has strongly hinted that staked SAGA will receive numerous airdrops from the many projects building on Saga.

As a reminder, Stride contributors conduct business development with as many projects as possible to ensure Stride’s LSTs are included in airdrops to staked tokens. In the last twelve months, Stride LSTs have received numerous large airdrops, such as NTRN, PYTH, DYM, etc. Several upcoming airdrops for Stride LSTs have been announced, such as AETHER, ELYS, and MOVE, and several more large airdrops are upcoming but have not yet been announced (stay tuned!).

While there is no guarantee that stSAGA will be included in airdrops to staked SAGA, Stride contributors will provide an updated list of stSAGA holders and endeavor to get holders included.

About Saga

Saga is a solution for infinite scaling. Under development for a number of years, Saga has raised $13.5M and is listed on Binance. Many projects are building on Saga and will be launching throughout 2024.

Specifically, Saga is a Cosmos L1, secured by the SAGA token. The purpose of Saga is to make launching a fully-featured blockchain as easy as instantiating a smart contract. The chains launched by Saga are termed “chainlets,” and are secured by the Saga L1. Chainlets can be customized as needed to meet the requirements of any project.

Final thoughts

With secure liquid staking from day one, Saga is off to a great start! Using stSAGA, users get all of the benefits of staking SAGA - without having to lock their tokens.

Interested in liquid staking your SAGA airdrop to participate in the stSAGA airdrop?


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