Airdrops for stToken Holders
You take airdrops seriously. Stride does too.

Liquid stake with Stride and be eligible for airdrops to TIA, ATOM, OSMO, and more.
Cosmos Airdrops
Why Airdrop to stToken Holders?

stToken holders are the power users of the Cosmos Ecosystem, demonstrating a willingness to experiment with new technologies and DeFi applications.

More than 80% of Cosmos LST holders use Stride. Airdropping to staked tokens and excluding stTokens alienates prospective users that would have otherwise qualified.

Stride can co-market your launch and help you tap into a vibrant community of on-chain DeFi users.

Stride Makes Airdrops Easy

Stride regularly uploads snapshots of all stTIA, stATOM, and stOSMO holders to make it simple for projects to airdrop to these tokens. 

Snapshots can be found here.

Contact Stride if you have any questions, or find us on Discord and Telegram.
Upcoming Aidrops