Upcoming Stride Twitter Spaces

Jul 10, 2023

· 1 min read

Today, Stride announced new branding for its website and social media profiles. And next week, Stride will be transitioning to interchain security. With so much exciting change, this week is a great time to reflect on Stride’s place in the Cosmos ecosystem.

With that in mind, Stride will be hosting three events this week. Come to one, two, or all three!

Stride and Cosmos DeFi - Twitter Space

Join us for a discussion on Stride’s central place in Cosmos DeFi and the crucial importance of liquid staked tokens. How has Stride transformed Cosmos DeFi?

Who: Speakers from Stride, Umee, Mars, ShadeProtocol, and Demex.

When: July 12th, 3PM UTC / 11AM EST

Where: Twitter Space link.

The Future of LSTs in Cosmos - Twitter Space

Join us for an exciting discussion about upcoming Cosmos DeFi apps that plan to integrate LSTs in novel ways. What’s on the cutting edge of Cosmos LST DeFi?

Who: Representatives from Stride, Membrane, Amulet, Tenet, Fission, and EntryPoint.

When: July 13th, 3PM UTC / 11AM EST

Where: Twitter Space link.

Stride Community Hang-out - Discord

Come hang with the Stride community! In a casual setting, we'll be reflecting on where Stride has been and where it's going. Winners of the Stride Meme Contest will be announced. Plus one or two special surprises ;)

Who: The Stride community <3

When: July 14th, 3PM UTC / 11AM EST

Where: The Stride Discord lounge.

Tune in

There's lots of exciting changes happening! Drop by these events to keep informed.

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