July 10, 2023
The Great Stride Meme Contest!

Are you in?

Stride’s got a new look. New colors, new font, new graphics. New style. All this new branding calls for new Stride memes.

If you think you have what it takes, enter the Stride meme contest! Big prizes to be won - including a Badkids NFT.

-> Submit your meme here <-

Submission details

Submissions now open. Simply submit your meme using the above submissions link.

Submissions deadline is Friday, July 14th at 7:59AM UTC.


To make the contest fun, there will be numerous prizes.

1st place: 1 Badkid NFT
Runner up 1: 150 USDC
Runner up 2: 150 USDC
Runner up 3: 150 USDC

In addition, the winning meme will be featured on the official Stride Twitter account.

The winner and the three runners-up will be announced during a Stride Discord hang-out, on Friday, July 14th at 3PM UTC. See you there!

Meme instructions

The primary purpose of this contest is to show off Stride’s new branding. Also, the memes should strive to convey core qualities about Stride and / or Stride’s central place in the Cosmos (see suggestions below).

There is only one mandatory requirement for memes in the contest: They must include elements from the new Stride branding. Memes that do not contain this mandatory requirement will be disqualified.

Aside from this mandatory requirement, here are a couple of suggestions to increase your chances of success. The following are merely suggestions, but following them will likely increase your chances.

1. Memes should strive to be creative, playful, amusing, and funny.

2. Memes should possibly include images / logos / scenery / visual themes from around the Cosmos. A key part of Stride is that its stTokens are integrated with all major Cosmos DeFi chains. 

3. Through images and / or words, memes should possibly convey some of these core qualities of Stride

-Stride is secure

Interchain security, many audits, chain minimalism, IBC rate-limiting.

-Stride is the premier liquid staking provider in the Cosmos

Highest TVL, highest trading liquidity, most tokens supported, most integrations.

-Stride is aligned with the Cosmos ecosystem

Uses ICS, had a huge airdrop, stTokens Integrated with all major Cosmos DeFi chains, Stride community bought Badkids.

Stride brand assets

Some of the new Stride brand assets can be found here:

-> New Stride brand assets <-

Be sure to use some of these assets when making your meme.

Get cracking!

Again, the submission link can be found right here. Deadline is Friday, July 14th at 7:59AM UTC.

Looking forward to seeing the huge creativity of the Stride community!