stTIA is coming to Astria!

Mar 12, 2024

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- Astria is a decentralized shared sequencer network that uses Celestia underneath for data availability

- The stTIA from Stride via Hyperlane will be supported on the Astria EVM and throughout the Astria shared sequencer network

- stTIA is modular money 🔥

stTIA on Astria

Today, Stride is excited to announce that stTIA will be live on the Astria EVM at launch! 

Astria is a shared sequencer network that provides rollups with fast finality, censorship resistance, composability guarantees, and decentralization at inception, with Celestia underneath.

The Astria EVM is the Celestia EVM, powered by Astria, set to become the liquidity hub for Celestia. It will use TIA as a gas token via the shared sequencer and support stTIA via Stride. For more detail on Astria’s architecture, check out this comprehensive technical article.

Stride recently announced its integration with Hyperlane, a permissionless interoperability layer that powers Celestia’s modular ecosystem. Stride will serve as the routing hub for stTIA for Astria using Hyperlane for bridging. Stride will also function as the routing hub for Eclipse, as was previously announced. Both of these ecosystems plan on using Stride as the stTIA routing hub because Stride is secure, neutral, and minimal.

With Stride as the routing hub, all chains and rollups connected to Stride chain will have tokens and other arbitrary data efficiently flow from one chain to any other chain, which Astria can leverage. stTIA on the Astria network will be sourced from the Stride chain, and will use Hyperlane for bridging.

Why this matters

With Stride as the routing hub, it will be easy to move tokens and other arbitrary information throughout the modular ecosystem and beyond, as there will be one default version of stTIA throughout the modular ecosystem, enabling easy movement from one chain to any other chain.

Establishing standards is important for trade and communication. And of course, stTIA on both Astria and Eclipse will be eligible for the ongoing stTIA airdrop!Stay tuned for upcoming testnet updates from Astria!

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