July 5, 2022
PoolParty Testnet

We’re super excited to announce that PoolParty, Stride’s first Testnet, is live!

We’ve been hard at work over the past few weeks, and Stride is currently undergoing audits from Certik and Oak Security. In the meantime, we’ve launched PoolParty to give our earliest community members a taste of what multichain liquid staking looks like on Stride! We are proud to say that PoolParty has full functionality, which means you can liquid stake, compounding rewards, and redeem on the Stride Zone!

PoolParty allows you to:

  • Liquid Stake your tokens from any IBC-compatible chain on Stride, which mints you stATOM* that you can move or transfer to any IBC-compatible chain, while still accruing staking yield
  • Redeem your stATOM to receive your ATOM and ATOM rewards
  • See your rewards accrue after delegation, which you can redeem to claim tokens at the end
  • Use the faucet to get and Stake testnet Stride tokens

As with all testnets, we will continue to improve and iterate on PoolParty to give you the best experience possible. We are continually adding additional safety checks and upgrading protocol security. We are really eager for user feedback, so please give us any and all feedback in the #feedback channel of our Discord!

How to Participate

To participate in PoolParty, head over to https://github.com/Stride-Labs/testnet and follow the instructions in README.md. Our Discord also has a dedicated PoolParty category for all things testnet, including instructions for liquid staking, redeeming tokens, and claiming your tokens (in the #instructions channel). If you still have any issues getting up and running on PoolParty, come talk to the team over in #technical-questions!

What’s Next?

In short, a lot! In the coming weeks we will:

  • Launch our frontend to make Stride easier to use. While the first iteration of PoolParty will be available to interact with via your command line, we’re working super hard on building a web app with an excellent UX
  • Launch an incentivized testnet to find bugs and incentivize usage! We recognize how important your early feedback and trust is, and are greatly appreciative of your support during our earliest stages. For that reason, we want to make sure we are as thoughtful as possible, and able to most fairly compensate early participants and contributors to the Stride ecosystem.
  • Launch our mainnet later this month!

See you at the PoolParty!

*We’re starting PoolParty off with only ATOM and stATOM, but we’ll be adding functionality to support additional tokens very soon!