Liquidity Incentives Update

Jan 19, 2024

· 1 min read


This is an update on stToken trading liquidity on DEXes throughout the Cosmos ecosystem.

Since launching in September 2022, deep stToken trading liquidity has always been a key part of the Stride liquid staking experience.

Deep stToken liquidity means stToken holders can easily swap their stTokens without needing to wait to unbond. Additionally, deep liquidity means pools can serve as price oracles for stTokens, enabling stTokens to be safely used as collateral on leverage applications.

The Stride Association, in partnership with the Stride DAO, has always worked to ensure the availability of deep trading liquidity for Stride’s various stTokens.

Current liquidity incentives

Here is an overview of stToken incentivization for the next 30 days, approximately from January 18th to February 18th.

Other sources of stToken liquidity

Today, stToken liquidity is provisioned more sustainably than ever before.

Currently, STRD is being emitted as liquidity incentives at its lowest rate in history, as most stToken liquidity is being provisioned through protocol-owned-liquidity (POL). Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, Juno, and Evmos are all providing liquidity from their respective community pools to stToken trading pools. In addition, Osmosis, Evmos, and Shade are contributing their own incentives to attract liquidity for various stToken trading pools.


While STRD incentives are as low as they’ve ever been, they are nonetheless one of several important tools used to provision stToken trading liquidity. As always, future incentivization changes will always be clearly and promptly communicated.

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