How to get stTIA from Ethereum

Feb 10, 2024

· 1 min read

In a rush?

(1) Visit

(2) Ethereum/ETH on top, Stride/stTIA on the bottom

(3) Connect Metamask and Keplr, then bridge in one or two clicks

Why hold stTIA?

Stride has a massive ongoing airdrop for stTIA holders. 5M STRD, or $30M+ as of 2/9, will be distributed to stTIA holders over 150 days - February through June 2024.

Stride is the largest liquid staking protocol for TIA (and ATOM, OSMO, DYDX, EVMOS, etc.)

Get stTIA with is a bridge aggregator built by Skip. Go from Ethereum to Cosmos and back in just a few clicks.

(1) Visit, built by the Skip team.

(2) Select the chain and token you have on top - for example ETH or USDC on Ethereum.

(3) Select Stride and stTIA on the bottom

(4) Connect your source wallet first, e.g. Metamask on Ethereum

(5) Then, connect Keplr or Leap, which will receive the stTIA

(6) Optionally, preview the route. NOTE: will route your trade through Osmosis. Pay attention to slippage! It should be set to max 3%, but you can lower max slippage in settings.

The route should be just two clicks if you have USDC, one to bridge to Cosmos, a second to get stTIA

You’re done! Holding stTIA on Stride, Osmosis, or Neutron will make you eligible for the ongoing airdrop and you will be able to your accumulated rewards on the Stride stTIA airdrop dashboard.

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