Helping new projects airdrop to Stride LST holders

Mar 7, 2024

· 3 min read

Airdrops to Stride LSTs

New projects now have everything they need to airdrop to holders of Stride’s LSTs.

Starting today, cross chain snapshots of stTIA, stATOM, stOSMO, and stDYM will be posted to the Stride Github. These snapshots will be updated regularly. Here’s the repo.

Now any project that wants to include Stride’s LSTs in their airdrop can easily do so. 

Specifically, these snapshots currently include stTIA, stATOM, stOSMO, and stDYM in certain locations in the Cosmos and modular ecosystems. See below for exact snapshot locations.

Airdropping projects often have additional criteria beside the size of a user’s balance, such as address activity. If any project would like help applying specific filters to the existing Stride LST snapshots, Stride contributors are happy to assist. This is a major priority for Stride contributors! If contacted to help with an airdrop, we promise to move that task to the top of the priority list and complete it as soon as possible.

If your project is exploring an airdrop, reach out to the Stride X account about including Stride LSTs. Alternatively, open a Github issue on the snapshots repository or feel free to reach out to Stride core contributors: Riley, Aidan, Vishal, or John.

Upcoming airdrops to Stride LSTs

In the past, Stride LSTs have received several airdrops. Most notably, stATOM was included in both Neutron’s NTRN airdrop and Dymension’s DYM airdrop.

In the future, stATOM is expected to receive the Aether airdrop, and stTIA is expected to receive the Movement airdrop. These are just the two airdrops that could be hinted at. Many teams have given soft commitments to airdrop to Stride LSTs.

Due to legal sensitivities around airdrops, it is not possible to announce or even to hint at the majority of upcoming airdrops to Stride LSTs. Expect multiple announcements for airdrops to Stride LSTs in the coming months.

The benefits of inclusive airdrops

In the Cosmos ecosystem, it’s always been popular to airdrop to staked tokens. But with the huge growth of liquid staking in the last twelve months, projects have begun including liquid staked tokens along with staked tokens in their airdrops.

Liquid staking penetration is getting quite high, with between 1% and 5% of the staked circulating supplies of TIA, ATOM, OSMO currently liquid staked with Stride. A non-negligible amount of these major tokens is liquid staked - and liquid staking adoption continues to grow.

But what’s more important is the cohort of users who tend to liquid stake. By definition, users who liquid stake rather than do traditional staking are willing and able to do things onchain. They tend to be more experimental, curious, and active. In other words, liquid stakers tend to be crypto power-users.

So by airdropping to Stride LSTs, new projects can attract crypto power-users. These are arguably the best users to airdrop to, because they’re the most willing and able to try new onchain ecosystems and experiment with new DeFi.

Specific locations currently supported

Stride LSTs currently supported in the snapshots are: stTIA, stATOM, stOSMO, and stDYM. The snapshots cover most major chains and DeFi locations for these tokens. To be very clear, in order for you to be included in the Stride snapshots - which could potentially be used by other projects to airdrop to Stride LST holders - your tokens must be in these locations.

The following table of snapshot locations will be updated in the future. Additional Stride LSTs, chains, and DeFi locations will gradually be added. Whenever new locations are added, this article will be updated.

Final thoughts

Stride contributors are in contact with most of the major upcoming projects in the modular and Cosmos ecosystems. But if your project is planning an airdrop and we’re not yet in touch, please message the Stride X account. Alternatively, feel free to open a Github issue on the snapshots repository or reach out to Stride core contributors: Riley, Aidan, Vishal, or John.

Using the new Stride airdrop GitHub repo, it’s now easier than ever to include Stride LSTs in airdrops! Check it out here.

As multiple Celestia and Cosmos projects move closer to launch, expect many announcements about airdrops to Stride LSTs in the coming months!

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